From music journalism, editorial research, report writing to blogging and editing, I’m a confident and experienced writer.

I’ve run several personal blogs since 2006 have grown my personal Twitter following to almost 3k and a community Twitter account to almost 11k though authentic, honest and open communications.

Working in the open

Since 2017 I have been documenting thoughts and reflections on my working week. As a part of the weeknot.es community I regularly publish to the Medium publication.

I generally write about agile working, leadership, collaborative team working and mental health in a reflective and humorous way.

I’ve acted as a content coach to a colleague; Arfah Farook, as part of the #10MoreBlogPosts challenge which has become an ongoing relationship, and run unconference sessions on the theme of working in the open.

I’ve also spoken about my experiences with weeknotes at Ada’s List Conference (find out more).

One Team Gov – Publication Editor

Between 2018 and 2022 I was Publication Editor for the One Team Gov movement within the UK public sector and beyond. As part of this I’ve worked with colleagues in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Canada and more.

A screenshot of the One Team Gov Medium publication
One Team Gov Medium publication

I also grew the Twitter following to 10.7k and Medium following to over 600 public servants from around the world.

I’ve also written extensively about One Team Gov events, progress and work, sharing information in the open to make it reusable to the wider public sector, and an example of this is below:

One team gov – Radical Visions

I worked with a small team to pull together a pitch within just 48 hours, responding to Nesta’s brief; to reimagine work in the year 2030. We beat many other submissions to be selected to join the publication.

Radical Visions cover

This project took two months over the summer of 2019. Using my contacts within the community around the world I gathered 46 submissions from Australia and New Zealand, across Canada, Finland, Switzerland and the UK. Using research synthesis I drew out the key themes that would form the basis of the essay. The essay itself was co-written with two colleagues (Jenny Vass and Morgan Frodsham) from other government departments. I also worked with the Nesta team on the design and layout of the essay for the publication.

Over and above this I wanted to show the diversity of the One Team Gov community, so created two short supporting films with some of the key quotes. The longer edit of this is included below:

The essay was published within the Radical Visions of Future Government book, published in September 2019 by Nesta, you can access the PDF of the publication here:


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